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Web Development

Websites are basically home for your business on web. They provide a place for your business in online and stands as a key factor for your online success. Websites creates an opportunity to showcase your products or services to the people who are searching online. Websites is your marketing resource and stands as a medium for your Prospects and Conversions. In near future, every business needs to be in Digital Platform to stay ahead of their competitors.If you are having a business, then it is almost crucial for your business to have a website to reach more potential clients at a global stage by sitting at your place.A visually Pleasing Website Design may bring maximum advantage for your Business Online Presence. Your website User Experience plays a big role in increasing repeated audience. Here comes role of Web Developers and Web Development Company into play. Explore our areas of Expertise:



Java development services are widely used to provide interactive functionality to website.  Java is an object oriented programming language which is widely used by all the Web developers to develop robust solutions. Java is a secured platform which helps the Web Developers to build secure and realistic applications that can perform easily. Hidden Brain is a professional Java development company which has a good experience in developing all the web applications. Our Web Developers will put a lot of effort to ensure you with high quality and performance in every website applications. We offer professional Java Development Services by applying best logics and innovations that can help in approaches to create robust applications.



PHP is an Open Source as well as an Independent platform where it can run on any platform namely Linux, Windows, Unix, Mac OS X. PHP, Apache Server, MySQL server, Postgre SQL server and Linux OS are all free and upgrades are also free. More than 75% of the Web Developers are in use of PHP language in Web development Services.Website Design Malaysia has more than 10 years of experience as PHP Development Company in Malaysia.

Dot Net


Dot Net is a software which is developed by Microsoft that can run only in Windows Operating System. Dot Net is a platform which is a collection of technologies that can perform different tasks. ASP.Net is an open source web application which was developed by Microsoft to create a dynamic websites, Web Applications and other Web Services.  Being a Dot Net Development Companyin Malaysia, we have team with fully experienced and proficientwho can deliver best solutions within the given deadlines.